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Vacancies in Mansoura

Vacancies in Mansoura

Vacancies in Mansoura, are you a fresh graduate looking for your dream job? Many young students and graduates seek suitable jobs with satisfactory salaries, to build their future and the ability to live, but they face many challenges and obstacles, such as the need for companies to have experience and high qualifications.

Also, the lack of job opportunities in government agencies and the increase in the population, in addition to some economic challenges facing the country, including lack of industry and dependence on imports.

One of the main obstacles is the lack of need for companies to employ the human element, so many turn to modern mechanisms and technology that save a lot of time and effort and can be relied upon around the clock.

But don't worry, Delta Hub offers you the perfect solution.

Job opportunities in Mansoura for all Egyptian youth

The DeltaHub platform is working hard to achieve a lofty goal, which is to help Egyptian youth to obtain satisfactory job opportunities in Mansoura and all governorates of Egypt, through the first employment forum in the Delta, which contributed to providing thousands of job opportunities for young people through its first edition.

The Youth Employment Conference was opened in Mansoura, and many companies participated in various fields, especially the IT field, to achieve part of Egypt's 2023 plan, which is building a sustainable digital society.

And through the upcoming conferences and the joining companies, it is possible to provide job opportunities as well as training opportunities in the largest private sector companies in Mansoura and soon in all governorates of Egypt to reach young people all over Egypt.

Young men and women are required to work in Mansoura

dltahub provides job and training opportunities for young people, according to the following conditions:

  • That the young man or girl be of Egyptian nationality.
  • His age ranges from 19 to 35 years.
  • No experience required.
  • Submit your CV.
  • Entry by obtaining the QR code only.

As for the rest of the possible conditions, they are determined according to the nature of the job offered or to be applied for.

  • Qualification.
  • -Of experience.
  • The burning desire to fill the job.
  • Educational courses supporting the qualification.
  • Availability of personal features.
  • His appearance should be appropriate.
  • be able to do this job.
  • The functions of the managers are to be familiar with the affairs of the employees and able to motivate them.

Advantages of working in the private sector

  1. Working in the private sector does not require a high qualification.
  2. The high rate of salaries compared to the salaries of government agencies.
  3. There is an annual salary increase.
  4. Providing health insurance.
  5. Some private companies allow vacations at any time.
  6. Possibility of additional work if time is available.

Disadvantages of working in the private sector

  1. The employee feels insecure about his or her job at any given time.
  2. Some business owners have authoritarian powers.
  3. Work long hours of up to 12 hours.
  4. Discount or quick expulsion when failing to complete some tasks.
  5. Lack of provision of social insurance system in some companies.