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who are we ?

Dltahub is the only official platform that expresses the first recruitment forum in the Delta region, which is organized by a group of prestigious institutions in the Delta region.

The forum is sponsored by the Engineers Syndicate in Dakahlia, and the Information Technology Institute (ITI), in addition to the SERV5, which has long experience in the technical and software fields.

The forum seeks to provide real services to university students and young graduates in terms of qualifying and training them to reduce the gap between supply and demand in the labor market.

The forum provides a real opportunity for young people, by raising the level of their skills and enhancing their chances of obtaining a job, by bringing together a group of influential companies in various fields such as engineering, programming and marketing in one place.

Our vision

The forum presents many activities within a variety of activities and programs aimed at providing decent job opportunities for young people and spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and self-employment, with the participation of a group of private sector companies in various vital fields.

The Forum sought to provide a wide and comprehensive coverage of the fields of engineering, programming and marketing, with new work mechanisms that are commensurate with the requirements of the current digital age.

The first employment forum in the Delta region seeks to build technical and relevant cadres that aim to complete thousands of important and valuable projects that cover the gaps in the labor market.


Our Values

  • The forum aims to reduce the gap between supply and demand in the labor market while adhering to human values that promote mutual respect, diversity, integration and fair competition in the fields of work.
  • Achieving cooperation and partnerships with various institutions and private sector companies. Providing real and tangible service to the largest number of young people.
  • The DeltaHub Forum aims to achieve transparency and credibility in job offers submitted by various companies, to ensure the building of technical and professional cadres in the fields of technology and programming.
  • Equipping young people with practical, creative and analytical skills that help them achieve their goals and evaluate market developments through an integrated and professional vision.

Our message

Serv5, in cooperation with the Engineers Syndicate and the Information Technology Institute, seeks to provide training and qualification services to the youth of the Delta region.

This partnership between these institutions aims to continue to provide service and community role to all members of society and help them achieve tangible successes on the ground.

The organizers of the forum believe that the digital future in which we live prompts the need to achieve these partnerships in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit from the energies of young people in their rightful place.

Our goal

  • Helping young people to obtain job opportunities in all disciplines.
  • Merging and achieving partnerships between software, computer, engineering and digital marketing companies.
  • Achieving social responsibility towards the country in terms of reducing unemployment rates and supporting youth.
  • Overcoming the difficulties facing young people who want to succeed in the labor market.
  • Transfer of expertise from specialists in all disciplines to young people and graduates. To keep up with the requirements of the labor market.