Ramadan tent


Deltahub Ramadan Tent

Deltahub Ramadan Tent

Deltahub Ramadan Tent, the first and most important event in Delta sponsored by Deltahub

The Delta Hub platform brings together companies specialized in the field of information technology to entertain young people working in the field of IT and a humanitarian initiative to help those in need.

The meeting is about forming football teams for each company and entering the Ramadan tournament with a group of other competitions, PlayStation and entertainment venues for the families of the companies' members.

Deltahub Ramadan Tent

Set up a tent for two days every week during Ramadan, and it is suggested that you camp on Thursday and Friday.

Dealer of one of the arenas and private stadiums and is sponsored by DeltaHub.

The course takes place from 10 pm to 2 am.

The activities of the deltahub Ramadan session

First, an open day in which we cooperate with companies and information technology to provide the largest number of activities that suit everyone, comfort and fun.

  • Ramadan tournament for the five-a-side football:

All the joint information technology companies work to form a football team for them from the workers, and the team is registered on the site, and the uniform for each team is determined.

In addition to preparing the substitutes and registering on the site.

A mini-Ramadan tournament will be held on the chosen stadium.

An agreed-upon arbitration board is provided, the administration is formally carried out, and the number of four matches is determined per day or according to the teams.

We provide gifts and cups to the participants and competitors, and make prints and logos for the sponsoring companies and all companies participating in the event.

Ramadan Course for Playstation

Also, in cooperation with joint information technology companies, an event and a PlayStation course will be organized, providing means of comfort and activities suitable for all.

Where each of the participating companies or at the level of its employees registers in the event and enters the competition.

  • Events:

Creating competitions dedicated to the Playstation (football game, PUBG, car racing).

The results are arranged and the winning company in the competition is determined.

An open time is allocated without arranging a schedule or determining the winner.

It is proposed that a competition be dedicated to the best PlayStation player.

The idea of a good lantern

Prizes are given to the winning teams in the football tournament and the PlayStation tournament, and sums of money are determined for the winners of first place, second place, and third place.

All prizes will be directed and donated to charities to be determined by the participating teams.

Evidence that these associations receive donations will be delivered, whether on social media or an invitation to a representative of that institution.

Delta Breakfast

A group breakfast will be served for all companies participating in the Ramadan session for a nominal amount.

Prizes (cups, shields, gifts, certificates of appreciation) are distributed.

Families and children participate in the closing ceremony, and extensive media coverage is made to help the participating companies to promote the brand.


Fanoos Al-Khair is an initiative to help the needy and entertain information technology companies