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The launch of the Employment Opportunity Forum for a youth empowerment program in Egypt

The launch of the Employment Opportunity Forum for a youth empowerment program in Egypt

The launch of the Employment Opportunity Forum for a youth empowerment program in Egypt. It is noted that there is a great diversity in economic activities in the Dakahlia Governorate. This comes as a result of the remarkable population density in the governorate.

Where skilled labor and technical personnel are available in various fields, we also find that there is a recovery in the field of IT, programming, development, engineering and technology.

Therefore, the responsible authorities decided to launch an employment forum for youth, and its objectives are to enable young people to work and provide an opportunity for students and graduates to train in major private sector companies participating in the forum.

Objectives of the Youth Empowerment Program in Egypt

The first edition of the first employment forum in the Delta will be launched on the 4th of next March in the building of the Engineers Syndicate Club in Mansour and the launch of the activity to achieve the youth empowerment program whose objectives are as follows:


  1. Enabling young graduates to find suitable job opportunities with satisfactory salaries.
  2. Solving the problem of unemployment or reducing it by a large percentage, with repeated copies of the effectiveness.
  3. Providing vacancies in all fields, especially IT, programming and technology engineering.
  4. Enable opportunities for young people to introduce themselves to companies by giving a speech at the forum.
  5. Providing training opportunities in major private sector companies in all fields.
  6. Creating a work environment to prepare young people for the labor market.
  7. Friction and gaining experiences by merging ideas and creating dialogue.
  8. Advertising and publicity work for companies through the forum.
  9. Creating the appropriate environment for making new investments with companies and some of them.
  10. Establishing common interests and finding flexible solutions to revive the Egyptian economy.
  11. Achieving three important axes: providing job opportunities, peace and development.

Job opportunities in Dakahlia with satisfactory salaries

The rates of obtaining a job for young graduates through the first job forum in the Delta are confirmed, as it is possible to apply for more than one job in more than one company participating in the forum.

It is also possible to obtain a suitable training opportunity for at least 3 months.

As for the few who may not have a job opportunity through the employment forum, or have obtained a financially unsuitable job, or for any reason, they will have priority, repeat the opportunity, and participate for free in the employment forum organized by the American University.

It is possible to participate in the forum through the DltaHub platform, obtain the QR code and submit the CV of young students or graduates of both sexes, and the application to attend the forum continues until March 4, 2023.

Job opportunities in private sector companies through the Employment Forum

As for the private sector companies, the application will continue until February 27 only.

In view of the equipment made by the members of the Engineers Syndicate in Mansoura, the iti institution, the serv5 company for programming and e-marketing, and the University Center for Professional Development at the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, for the joint companies, which are:

Ads and publicity for joint companies through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

In addition to announcing advanced companies such as Sponsorships, they are announced during the forum through banners and through display screens, and they are announced on the day of the event every half hour throughout the day.